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Starters - South East

Tuniches (stone in Maya)

  1. Stuffed with CochinitaPibil (Pork Pibil)
  2. Stuffed with Black Beans

Habanero salsa Xnipec (South East)
Roasted Habanero peppers with diced onion and lime juice.
Ha'Si-Kil Pac salsa(South East)
Roasted Habanero peppers with roasted pumpkin seed and chives
Green Tomatillo Guacamole Salsa
Home Red roasted Salsa (AllMexico)
Pico de Gallo

Main Dishes

Black bean soup
Red rice with achiote paste
Its red color comes from the annatto seed.
Stuffed cheese (Yucatan style)
Edam cheese cooked and stuffe with ground pork and beef
Refried Beans
Fried beans with onion and avocado leaf (“chinitos” are the name of these beans).
Lima beans and nopal salad