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Starters - Central Mexico

Tacos de Canasta (“Basket tacos”)

  1. Filledwithpotatoes and chorizo
  2. FilledwithRefriedBeans
  3. Filled with Tinga (seasoned shreded beef meat)

Fresh Green salsa
Fresh tomatillo with serrano pepper
Home red roasted salsa

Chile de arbolroasted red salsa
Roasted tomatoes smashed with roasted peppers in a mortar, Mexican style.
Ha'Si-Kil Pac salsa(South East)
Roasted Habanero peppers with roasted pumpkin seed and chives.

Main Dishes

Chicken soup cantina style
With shredded chicken, vegetables, mint and more….

Mexican Salad
Lettuce, tomatoes, corn, panela cheese, avocado, cilantro and tortilla strips

White Mexican rice
With plantains

Tacos al pastorGrilledpork tacos Pastor style

Tamales Mexico city style


Fried beans